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Although the majority of our work begins with design and ends with paint, we are also able to provide the following services without having to be awarded the entire project. Services include:

Design and Engineering

Small or large, we can design and engineer your project whether we build it or not. Utilizing 3D modelling, our team ensures that potential conflicts such as interferences are accounted for to minimize assembly time. Additionally, since our designers work closely with our fabricators, they understand how items are built and ensure that it doesn’t just work on a computer screen but that it can actually be fabricated.

Bolt-together Assemblies

Sometimes, the final product is just too large to ship as one piece. Whether a Ø25’ tank, a large structure or just platforms and ladders, we are able to supply bolt-together assemblies all pre-fit and labelled for assembly on-site. Depending on the amount of assembly and handling required on site, the pieces can be shipped unpainted or finished in the color of your choice.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Our plasma table is 6’ wide X 30’ long allowing us to cut large parts out of one piece. Bring us your drawings or CAD-work and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Plate and Structural Rolling

Our experienced machine operators can roll cans / cylinders from Ø30’’ all the way up to Ø30’ (larger than Ø15’ supplied in pieces). Additionally, we have extensive knowledge in rolling cones and have the ability to do center-draw and side-draw cones on our machine. Finally, our structural roller allows us to roll structural steel, the easy or hard-way, to suit your requirements.


Our large paint booth can handle large and small projects alike. Utilizing airless, air-assisted and electrostatic equipment, we can finish your product with industrial coatings. 


Our on-site licensed electrician is able to handle simple or complex electrical requirements, including pre-wiring electrical components on silo assemblies. This reduces field-work required and ultimately reduces the cost.

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