Eight Tanks for Winter Storage of Tallow
7319 Hwy 23 North Atwood, Ontario
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Our client initially contacted about this project asking if we had the capability to build a silo that had a diameter and height of 40 feet. Through discussions about their requirements, we were able to arrive at a solution which allowed for the same capacity requirement but with eight smaller tanks instead of the one large tank. This solution was actually more beneficial for our client as it provided them with the capability to cycle the tanks with material vs. having a single point of failure if there were any issues with the control or heating systems for the large tank.

The project involved large in-tank heating coils that were constructed of 2 inch diameter 304 stainless steel seamless pipe, were over 13 feet in diameter and had ten coils with an overall height of over 9 feet. Custom platforms and catwalks were also required to tie all the tanks together at the roof line.