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Our Industrial silos and tanks are custom designed and engineered for the storage of dry bulk products such as cement, plastics, flour, sugar, resins, slag, fly ash, and lime, and liquid products such as water, liquid fertilizer and molasses. Working from our shop in Atwood, Ontario, over the past 50 years Smith Steel & Fabrication has earned a reputation for quality design, fabrication and creative solutions. All of our silos and tanks include engineer-stamped site specific Smith Steel shop drawings.



  • All silos are custom designed and come in sizes ranging from three feet in diameter to over 14 feet in diameter
  • Fabricated from mild or stainless steel
  • Skirted with single or double door access
  • I-Beam leg support
  • Base ring for uniform mounting on structure
  • Stub legs for mounting on drive-through structure
  • Single and double wall split silos
  • Center, side or offset draw cones with your choice of discharge size (flanged)
  • Flat bottom
  • Tapered (smaller diameter at top, larger diameter at bottom)
  • Flare-stacks

Fabricated Options

FABRICATED Options Available Include:

  • OSHA and OHSA perimeter safety railings
  • Sealed and vented manways
  • Gooseneck vents (multiple sizes)
  • Custom engineered explosion bolted access lids
  • Roof penthouse with door
  • Fill pipe assembly with sweeping elbow (long wear available)
  • Pneumatic receiver box
  • Custom engineered explosion panels on cylinder wall
  • Inside ladders extending into cone
  • Internal flow baffles
  • OSHA and OHSA compliant caged safety ladder (cross-overs included for extended lengths)
  • Service platforms below cone discharge complete with perimeter safety railings
  • Cone and cylinder access panels (bolted and hinged)
  • Low pressure heating coils (under 15 psi)
  • Hold down brackets for anchoring and chair brackets for load cells


ACCESSORIES Available Include:

  • Roof-top filter vents (pulse air or shaker style)
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Aeration systems complete with manifold, airlines and fittings
  • Manual and pneumatically activated slide gates
  • Manual and pneumatically activated butterfly valves
  • Load cells
  • Level monitoring
  • Vibrators and bin activators
  • Augers / Screw conveyors
  • Dimple jackets for heating
  • Site glasses
  • Electrical pre-wiring
  • Insulation (spray foam and formed blue foam)


FINISHES Available Include:

  • Oxide primer and enamel topcoat
  • Two component epoxy primer and two component iso-free urethane topcoat
  • Standard colors are Cedar Rapids Dark Grey or Super Stay White
  • Color-matching available
  • Safety yellow on ladders and railings
  • Non-slip roof coating
  • Interior coatings suitable for indirect and direct food contact
  • Galvanizing
  • High heat
  • Stainless steel with various finishes