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Smith Steel & Fabrication’s engineered and fabricated products encompass everything we build that isn’t a tank. Whether a caged safety ladder for roof access to a building or a steel sawhorse for fabrication shop, we design and engineer all our products to ensure the utmost safety of our clients. While the list below provides a snapshot of our most common engineered and fabricated products, the majority of our products are custom designed to suit our clients’ site specific requirements.

Structures, Platforms and Catwalks

Whether stand-alone or complete with a silo, Smith Steel & Fabrication has the experience in fabricating custom access points and structures for interior or exterior use. We can work with your existing layout to custom fit these fabricated assemblies on existing piers / structures / walls or around obstacles thus minimizing costly demolition or renovation. Items can be fully welded assemblies or bolt-together for onsite assembly


Smith Steel & Fabrication’s industrial ladders are fabricated from mild or stainless steel and meet all Canadian (OHSA) and American (OSHA) standards to ensure user safety. Cross-overs, where required, are designed in a manner to virtually eliminate any risk of accidents as the entire assembly is fully caged. Textured rungs are included in all US bound ladders and are an option on Canadian bound ladders. Ladders can be split into sections or shipped as one complete unit (depending on overall length) for ease of installation


Engineered sawhorses provide point load working capacity of 4000 pounds at the center of the saw-horse eliminating the guesswork and associated risks that typically exist when using self-fabricated saw-horses


Safety railings are fabricated from mild or stainless steel and meet all Canadian (OHSA) and American (OSHA) standards to ensure user safety. Safety railings can be integrated with our ladders to provide a complete solution for your elevated work areas


Easy access sealed, vented and spring-loaded manways: Our manways are designed with the user in mind. The sealed and vented manways have a single latching mechanism allowing for quick opening and fewer wear points. Optional safety grating on the inside collar provides a further level of security


Most products are available in various finishes including oxide primer / enamel topcoat, epoxy primer / urethane topcoat and hot dipped galvanized ensuring longevity